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We have been in the business of capturing memories for over 40 year our founder
James Parker attended college at North Georgia Technical and Vocational
College earning a Masters of art Photography Degree  after graduating from
school he made the decision to create a business that was family based family
owned family operated and always puts God first and that still stands today He
made the decision to make his portrait work the most creative the most artistic to
make the memories last forever as times changed he changed with those times
continue to always give his best every time he photographed sad to say when you
give everything to a passion time will catch up to you Dad passed away
November 11th 2001 from    ALS     One of his last quotes was taken from the
Bible  Call unto me and I will answer thee and show the great and might things that
thou now est not . Even at the end of my fathers  life he was still looking to the
horizon of taking things to the next level . The one thing my father I wished he could
have seen is the new digital age of photography being he was a film camera
photographer using the best Hassalblad Cameras Using only Kodak Film Porta
as we made the transition from film to digital one of the last things my father said
to me was take it to the next level and I have done so with flair and passion . So
who is in charge now .                                                                                                       
         Well I am the only son of James and Brenda Parker and photography is part
of  my lifestyle. I have been photographing portraits since I was 8 years old . I have
always been right on my fathers coat tail going to my first wedding at age 6 as his
assistant along with my mother Brenda who also earned Photographic
Retouching Art Degree From Veronica Cass retouching school as I said we are a
photography family . My name is Dr. Timothy J. Parker I have earned a Degree
Doctorate in Philosophy of Divinity from Trinity University  I have also studied
under some of the most well named Photographers in the business names such
as Charles J. Lewis Chucky  and Monty Zucker and Dennis Reggie to name a
few. Some of the best wedding photographers in the business . I have created in
myself a perfect all around  photographer with traditional posed photography
candid and photo journalistic style  you can always see that we always give our
best in every photograph and we have always been consistent you can not be in
business as long as we have with what we called hit and miss photography you
have for instance one good wedding one bad wedding we cater to each persons
specific needs and we pride ourselves in success in all your photography needs
we would like to build long term relationships with our clients it amazes me that I
am know photographing wedding of children of people that my father
photographed there weddings 25 or 30 years ago . Back in August 21st 1999 I
Chose my bride Cynthia Lynn Bailey Parker who now works with myself in
weddings  and I am thankful for all the good years we have had on March 2nd
2006 we had our  first child the next generation of Parkers Studio  we had a
beautiful little girl Camryn Zion Parker and we than God for her .                                
  A little more about our photography we use Nikon digital equipment  we studied
when we entered into the digital age and for our business  Nikon just seemed to
work for every need that we could ever imagine . Our cameras are 10 megapixel  
now there are cameras out there with higher megapixel but I assure you if you do
not know how to use the camera bigger is not always better .                                     
  A little more about our Videography  we use Panasonic digital equipment  we
also studied as we entered the videography end of our weddings as this is a
benefit for our brides only to have both photography and videography combined
we also found bigger is not always better our cameras are 3CCD cameras and
we always use high quality DVDs for your finished product with beautiful editing
fades and transitions art and graphics for a fabulous finished product .                     
    We also use Kodak paper for all your printing needs . We absolutely will not
print anything with ink jet printing no matter how water restiane the company out
there say  that  it is or will not fade over time . Better  not to risk the chance of
loosing important memories you can not get back . We use a professional printing
lab  Pierce digital imaging located in Cleveland , Tennessee .                                   
           My father always instructed me that there are 4 major events in life   Births  
then Graduations  then  Weddings  final  Deaths and these are the major events
we remember when all is said and done and they always are full of emotions and
strong hope and great love .                                                                                             
             A Quote God gave me when my father was take home   " Environment
may play a roll in life but it will never dictate the life we strive to live.
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